Terms & Cond

1. Tango Advisor® doesn't receive any money in advance to reservations for shows/lessons/services

2. Tango Advisor® uses the information provided by the different shows/lessons/services, and it is not responsible of schedule changes, rates or contents.

3. The discounts that Tango Advisor® offers are done by the different organizers of shows/lessons/services, and are available in the moment of payment in the place of the show, not being Tango Advisor®  responsible by mistakes or intentional errors  or omissions. It doesn't mean that Tango Advisor® let you down if you have any problem. Tango Advisor®  have got a serious commercial  and artistic relationship with the shows/lessons/services that recommends, and Tango Advisor® will do everything to bring his users the discount on time and in a proper way. 

4.  The Transfer Service is done under risk and responsability of the organizers of the different  shows/lessons/services  being their range and efficiency their responsability separating Tango Advisor® of any responsability, injuries or damages during, after or before the transfer, show, lesson or service, to users or third parties, being the organizers of the shows/lessons/services responsible of the corresponding insurance policy.

5. In the case of private transfers provided by
Tango Advisor®, transfer vehicles authorized by the City of Buenos Aires (Taxi) are used, with the corresponding insurance and authorization. Tango Advisor® disclaims any responsibility, damages or losses to users and / or third parties, before, during and after the transfer, being the service provider responsible for the provision of the corresponding insurance, authorizations and permits.

6. The safety measures of the shows/lessons/services and the compliance of current legislation are responsibility of the organizers of the different shows/lessons/services 

6. These terms and conditions should be posted on all ticket booking sites, so don't be shocked or scared, I'm just making the "small letter" visible.

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