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Who I am

My name is Pablo Piera (52), I'm photographer and marketing consultant, I've degree studies, an MBA and a postgraduate in social and political history of Argentine Tango.

I also designed and presented World Class Tango Shows here in Buenos Aires.

I'm engaged with Tango because is part of my rooths, my grandfather was a great dancer, my grandmother also, and guess what! Also my mother and my uncle! I have seen many classic and contemporary dance, classic theatre, underground theatre and of course tango shows since I was eighteen, so I can advice you about a tango show from an holistic point of view. I decided to start this litle one-person-company because I 'msure  that recommend something so REAL, NICE and PASSIONATE like my beloved must be a fun job. 

I am your wish of meeting the Tango, I have your same curiosity and your same interests, I will care your Tango night experience, customizing my advice according to your tastes. A summer night in Buenos Aires is a precious opportunity and I'm fully aware about the importance of a show according to your expectations.

I don't want you face a tray full of thousands of Tango CD's of all the times and quality and don't know which to buy, because sometimes, which quickly turnes in none.

That's the reason why I explore, navigate, ask. A lot. 

What I'm NOT: Here is not system, no authomathic replies, I don't recommend what I haven't seen, tasted or listened.

I am Tango Advisor®, portenean, respectful and person-to-person.
I am Tango Advisor®, your friend worried about show you all the Worlds of Tango.
I am Tango Advisor®, those who care about that each or your Buenos Aires night be as Tanguerean as unforgetable 
I am Tango Advisor®, music and art Tango lovers.
I am Tango Advisor®, charmed by the sound of Tango and the beauty of its Dance.

My Mission 

To be the reference Tango Site for foreign visitors, because of its clear, simple, synthetic and specifical contents, that preserve and grows the Soul of Tango, contributing to its diffusion and merges the commercial circuit with the underground one in a profitable way for the Company and trustable way for Users and Refereds

My Vission

We are in 2022 the reference Tango Site, higly valued by Users and Refereds specifically recognaized because its objectivity and accuracy at the time of bring high quality recommendations.

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